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Sometimes doing my job means that I sit with my client for 9 hours. 9 hours. In a room while we wait for the closing process to finish. We eat Reese cups, a lot of them, and I cancel my day. I handle all of the issues that arise and I am the shield and advisor for my client.

When I do my job correctly, there are people who may walk away unhappy. Let me explain. My job is about advocacy and fiduciary responsibility-big words for doing the right thing for the person that I am helping no mattter what it takes.  What I do is not participation in a popularity contest.  It is making sure that people have the opportunity to choose the right house. A big box made of all kinds of things like wood, cement, shingles, paint, carpet, doors, windows, sinks and toilets, appliances...-that will become their home when they put their hearts and souls inside. Sometimes I have to tell them "I don't think so."  It has to be the right thing that I do EVERY time-not just legal, moral and ethical EVERY time-THE RIGHT THING EVERY TIME.

And on a good day? At the end of the long wait, my client turns and says, "Thank you for standing up for me." 

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The largest collection of Victorian homes in the United States and the 3rd largest historically preserved district in the United States is located in Old Louisville.