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Fleur de lisFall Home Improvement Checklist

By Ellen Shaikun on 14-Sep-16 11:55.

Now that your summer gear has been stowed away, it's time to focus on fall home improvement projects.


Fleur de lisSelling your Home with Pets

By Ellen Shaikun on 30-Aug-16 12:27.

On our blog, we are pet friendly (don’t believe us? Read this article on why we think pets are the most important aspect of raising your children… http://www.newlouhomes.com/pets.html). Pet friendly or not, when you’re selling your home, challenges arise.


Fleur de lisHow to Find Your Perfect Real Estate Agent

By Ellen Shaikun on 24-Aug-16 13:58.

Whether you're buying or selling a home, the thought of hiring a Real Estate Agent has crossed your mind.


Fleur de lisStudy Reveals the Best Technique for Pricing your Home...

By Ellen Shaikun on 16-Aug-16 15:31.

The below information is taken from an article on RISMEDIA.


Fleur de lisTip Tuesday: All About Staging

By David Jaffe on 19-Jul-16 12:31.

It’s time for another Tip Tuesday! This article will be all about staging…

What is staging?

Home staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace.

What is the goal of staging a home?


Fleur de lisThe Deal on Curb Appeal

By Ellen Shaikun on 08-Jul-16 14:25.

Want to stand out to prospective buyers? At the very least, you want to be the home that buyers look at and say, “WOW”! It’s all about the curb appeal! First


Fleur de lisPaint Matters

By Ellen Shaikun on 30-Jun-16 13:30.

There are numerous factors that impact a buyer’s decision to make an offer on a home.


Fleur de lisWednesday Wisdom: Real Estate, A Bird, and You

By David Jaffe on 29-Jun-16 15:22.

The main objective of this blog, Real Life Real Estate, has been to provide you with information that is succinct and practical that will help your daily life in your home, in the buying or


Fleur de lisSummer Seller? These 6 Tips will get Your House SOLD!

By Ellen Shaikun on 22-Jun-16 11:18.

It is often said that there is never a perfect time to sell your house. Each season can be marked with different challenges and difficulties that sellers should keep in mind.


Fleur de lis11 Tips to Prepare for a Remodel

By Ellen Shaikun on 09-Jun-16 16:07.

Lately, on our blog, we’ve focused on remodeling your home for an increase in resale value, as well as an increase in the quality of your life while you are in your home.


Fleur de lis8 Ways to Boost Your Home's Value

By Ellen Shaikun on 07-Jun-16 12:40.

Improving the look and functionality of your home goes a long way toward boosting its value.


Fleur de lis5 Improvements That Sell Your Home

By Ellen Shaikun on 19-May-16 13:20.

If you're thinking about selling your home, these 5 improvements can help seal the deal!


Fleur de lisThe Pros of Using a Pro When Selling Your Home

By Ellen Shaikun on 17-May-16 10:18.

The time has come to sell your home. You’ve asked around, done some research, and have found there are two camps: those who use a Real Estate Agent, and those who don’t.


Fleur de lis6 Ways to Finance a Renovation

By Ellen Shaikun on 09-May-16 10:27.

In this article you'll find the best way for you to finance your home renovations!


Fleur de lis4 Steps to an Organized Garage

By Ellen Shaikun on 04-May-16 11:09.

Let’s start with a little exercise, shall we? Stand up, walk outside, and peer into your garage.


Fleur de lisBoomers to Millennials: 5 Tips to Get a Handle on Debt

By Ellen Shaikun on 03-May-16 09:53.

Be it a mortgage, student loan or unpaid credit card, the majority of households hold some form of debt.


Fleur de lis5 Energy Efficient Upgrades in Your Home

By Ellen Shaikun on 27-Apr-16 10:55.

Did you know that the energy used by homes in the U.S.


Fleur de lis5 Tips to Simplify Your Kitchen Revamp

By Ellen Shaikun on 19-Apr-16 11:10.

The 5 Tips 

Whether you're looking to sell your home, are trying to fix up a newly purchased one, or are simply aiming for your dream cooking space, redoing your kitchen is a lot of


Fleur de lisHow to Prep Your Home for Sale with the 3 F's: Find, Fix, and Focus

By Ellen Shaikun on 13-Apr-16 10:17.

Whether your family is expanding, you're relocating for work, or you've got a bump in your budget that allows for an upgrade, at some point in your life you may decide


Fleur de lis5 Luxury Tubs to Improve your Home

By Ellen Shaikun on 04-Apr-16 11:23.

For their range of high-end amenities, luxury homes have one feature in common: a show-stopping master bath. The average remodeler can get a similar luxe look by up-scaling the project, say the experts at Cornerstone Design and Remodel, a San Diego, Calif.-based firm.


Fleur de lis10 Touch-ups for a Show-Ready Home

By Ellen Shaikun on 01-Apr-16 11:28.

We’ve discussed the benefits of an impeccably clean home when it comes to selling. However, we’ve yet to discuss paint. Yes, paint.


Fleur de lis4 Hacks to Supersize a Tiny Bathroom

By Ellen Shaikun on 23-Mar-16 11:07.

Keeping with our theme of home improvement (it’s worth it, no matter what!), we’re going to focus on a project that supersizes...without supersizing your debt! Bathroom remodels require their fair share of the stake, and if you have a tiny bathroom, that can mean forking over


Fleur de lisBreaking Down Spring Home Project Costs

By Ellen Shaikun on 22-Mar-16 09:56.

Spring is in the air…and also on our minds! So far, in our Real Estate Blog, we’ve focused on spring cleaning.


Fleur de lisHome Improvement: Worth it Whether You're Selling or Staying

By Ellen Shaikun on 01-Mar-16 09:11.

Generally, homeowners undertake home improvement projects for one of two reasons: to enhance their quality


Fleur de lisEmpty Nester? How to Accept, Appreciate, and Accomplish in Your Home

By David Jaffe on 18-Feb-16 10:10.

In this post, you'll find out your first action steps in being an empty nester!


Fleur de lisThe End of Downsizing...

By David Jaffe on 21-Jan-16 10:24.

Downsizing your home? You might want to reconsider. This is the end of downsizing!


Fleur de lis5 Smart Strategies When Selling Your Home

By David Jaffe on 18-Jan-16 09:44.

Selling your house can be difficult. Make the process smooth with these 5 strategies.


Fleur de lisFunny Story - Cash at Closing

By Ellen Shaikun on 10-Apr-15 12:00.

Fleur de lisThank You for Standing up for Me (A Real Life Real Estate Story )

By Ellen Shaikun on 17-Dec-13 15:00.

Sometimes doing my job means that I sit with my client for 9 hours. 9 hours. In a room while we wait for the closing process to finish. We eat Reese cups, a lot of them, and I cancel my day.


Fleur de lisCLOSING: Is personal property (including dogs) negotiable in a real estate deal?

By Ellen on 05-Jun-13 15:29.

Is personal property negotiable?The truth is, anything can be negotiable, including personal property.


Fleur de lisSpringhurst Neighborhood

By Ellen on 28-Jun-13 11:14.

Springhurst Neighborhood Home Values

Do you live in the Springhurst Neighborhood? A comprehensive CMA can really help you discover your options and make good decisions in your future planning. A lot of information about your home is public.


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