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I worked for builders for a very long time, both production builders and custom builders. I worked for every kind of client, in every kind of price range in new construction.

There are some things that are the same no matter who you are or what you do:

1. The process of building a house
2. The reason you're building your own home
3. The joys and the woes of new construction

The Process of Building a Home in Louisville KY

The process of building a home for yourself in Louisville Ky is both exhilirating and excruciating. The most important thing to start with is to make sure that the person you are working with is someone that you have a strong relationship with. Why? Because otherwise the relationship will not survive the process. There are thousands of decisions to be made in a timely manner. You must give answers whether you feel like it or not and you need to be able to trust the expertise of the professionals that you work with in order to make these decisions with confidence.

The Reason You're Building a Home in Louisville KY

Maybe you have a certain location that you  have fallen in love with. You want to make it your own from the very beginning. You don't want to live in someone else's spot. You don't want to worry about the spirits that were there before you. Perhaps you have a unique design or special needs that must be met for your lifestyle. Whether your budget is large or small, being clear on your prime motive for building will help you to focus when you make your decisions on what is essential and what is not. 

The Joys and Woes of Building a Home in Louisville KY

You're always over budget. It's a fact. But you have the opportunity to make it exactly the way you want it. Sometimes it won't turn out exactly as you want it to turn out no matter what. Do not visit the job site every day. It's a bad idea. Expect the wrong paint color at least once. It will happen. It's thrilling to see the brick go one and to walk in the first time with all the walls in. This is like birthing a child. You watch a dream come to life. 

You need an advocate and a thoughtful and purposeful roadmap before you approach a builder. If you walk into a builder's office with no direction, you will end up taking the route they wish you to take rather than your own path. 

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pushpinFun Fact about Louisville Kentucky

The largest collection of Victorian homes in the United States and the 3rd largest historically preserved district in the United States is located in Old Louisville.