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Fleur de lisBed Bugs: Know the Facts

By Ellen Shaikun on 31-Oct-16 11:27.

It’s Halloween. The day is filled with anticipation and excitement for the costumes, candy, and celebration in the night to come. Don’t let the spookiness of Halloween become night terrors while you sleep.


Fleur de lis7 Energy Saving Tips for Winter

By Ellen Shaikun on 28-Oct-16 11:26.

Winter is Coming

The air is chilly, the leaves are changing, and the pants and coats are no longer dusty. Winter is right around the corner. With winter we have warm fires and hot chocolates filling our homes. Winter is also a time the energy bills can skyrocket.


Fleur de lis4 Reasons to Remodel This Fall

By Ellen Shaikun on 29-Sep-16 15:38.

Time and again we’ve discussed the importance of remodeling, renovating, and improving your home.


Fleur de lisTip Tuesday: All About Staging

By David Jaffe on 19-Jul-16 12:31.

It’s time for another Tip Tuesday! This article will be all about staging…

What is staging?

Home staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace.

What is the goal of staging a home?


Fleur de lis5 Energy Efficient Upgrades in Your Home

By Ellen Shaikun on 27-Apr-16 10:55.

Did you know that the energy used by homes in the U.S.


Fleur de lis5 Fertilizing Tips for a Lush Lawn

By Ellen Shaikun on 14-Apr-16 11:12.

Behind every lush lawn is a power-packed fertilizer.


Fleur de lisHow to Prep Your Home for Sale with the 3 F's: Find, Fix, and Focus

By Ellen Shaikun on 13-Apr-16 10:17.

Whether your family is expanding, you're relocating for work, or you've got a bump in your budget that allows for an upgrade, at some point in your life you may decide


Fleur de lis4 Hacks to Supersize a Tiny Bathroom

By Ellen Shaikun on 23-Mar-16 11:07.

Keeping with our theme of home improvement (it’s worth it, no matter what!), we’re going to focus on a project that supersizes...without supersizing your debt! Bathroom remodels require their fair share of the stake, and if you have a tiny bathroom, that can mean forking over


Fleur de lisBreaking Down Spring Home Project Costs

By Ellen Shaikun on 22-Mar-16 09:56.

Spring is in the air…and also on our minds! So far, in our Real Estate Blog, we’ve focused on spring cleaning.


Fleur de lisSpring Cleaning: A Room by Room Checklist in Your Home

By Ellen Shaikun on 17-Mar-16 09:03.

Learn why it's important to do your spring cleaning and how to accomplish it efficiently!


Fleur de lisHome Happenings 4: Unplugging in Your Home

By David Jaffe on 15-Mar-16 09:41.

Learn the dangers of being plugged in and how to unplug for a healthier and happier life in your home!


Fleur de lis5 Pesky Mistakes New Homeowners Make in Louisville

By Ellen Shaikun on 02-Mar-16 10:06.

From seasonal temperature fluctuations to excess rainfall, pests find any excuse to enter homes.


Fleur de lisHome Happenings 2: The Most Important Aspect of Raising a Family...Pets

By David Jaffe on 03-Feb-16 09:46.

In this blog, you'll discover how taking care of pets benefits everyone in your family and is the ultimate self development tool!


Fleur de lisMillennials and Money: 5 Financial Trends

By David Jaffe on 29-Jan-16 10:49.

These are the top 5 financial trends for Millennials!


Fleur de lisHome Happenings: The Flight of the Tooth Fairy

By David Jaffe on 26-Jan-16 09:58.

In this edition of "Home Happenings", you'll discover everything you need to know about the Tooth Fairy!


Fleur de lisThe End of Downsizing...

By David Jaffe on 21-Jan-16 10:24.

Downsizing your home? You might want to reconsider. This is the end of downsizing!


Fleur de lis5 Smart Strategies When Selling Your Home

By David Jaffe on 18-Jan-16 09:44.

Selling your house can be difficult. Make the process smooth with these 5 strategies.


Fleur de lisNew Home Construction Louisville Ky

By Ellen on 03-Jan-14 15:57.

I worked for builders for a very long time, both production builders and custom builders. I worked for every kind of client, in every kind of price range in new construction.

There are some things that are the same no matter who you are or what you do:

1. The process of building a house


Fleur de lisSpringhurst Neighborhood

By Ellen on 28-Jun-13 11:14.

Springhurst Neighborhood Home Values

Do you live in the Springhurst Neighborhood? A comprehensive CMA can really help you discover your options and make good decisions in your future planning. A lot of information about your home is public.


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pushpinFun Fact about Louisville Kentucky

At 6,218 acres, Louisville’s Jefferson Memorial Forest is the largest municipal urban forest in the country.