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Neighborhood associations or Home owner associations (HOA) are an overlooked and often misunderstood part of moving. It's important when you are looking at placing an offer to consider the local HOA and its by-laws, requirements and dues. Some are easygoing, others are strict and you need to think about how you will fit in. If you're interesting in learning more about specific neighborhood associations in Louisville, KY, a full list cand be found here. You can also download and print a pdf of the HOA list here.

Typically, an HOA is founded by the developer, and gradually control is transferred to the home owners. Anyone purchasing a home in an existing housing development with an HOA must become a member, it's a requirement.  Depending on how active these associations are, they can be quite effective in providing platforms for common needs.

An HOA’s powers include imposing fines, organizing activities and providing certain services. It can also levy assessments and force home owners to pay them. Many HOAs have yearly dues, and a homeowners association can legally impose monetary fines to enforce its decisions. The groups usually appoint a board of directors, which may then elect an association president and other officers. Meetings are typically monthly but can be quarterly, depending on the size of the group.

According to the bylaws, an HOA can collectively represent the group for whatever purposes needed, providing benefits for all. For example, to maintain a level of uniformity, the association can specify which changes are permitted for building exteriors. The HOA might be able to determine acceptable noise levels. Members can appoint an internal management committee or elect to bring in an outside maintenance company for common areas, such as gardens and pools. A snow-removal company may need to be called in,  paid for by the association’s funds. For condos with shared structures or parking lots, fees can go to upkeep. All of these things can greatly enhance property values and keep the neighborhood running smoothly.

That said, if you want to change the color of your house or even plant a tree, you may run into an obstacle with your local organization. Also, if your HOA decides to undertake a major project and the governing group approves it, you may be left with no choice but to contribute. If you fail to pay your dues or you go against the HOA rules, you could be assessed fees and late charges. If you disagree with some of the rules, it can be very hard to get them changed. For these reasons, it's very important to understand your local HOA before you relocate. 

I help you understand such issues before you commit to a move. In fact I'll save you time by knowing of good fits for your family after we have talked. Don't go it alone, if you have questions specific to Louisville KY neighborhoods, feel free to givce me a call. 

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