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Fleur de lisBed Bugs: Know the Facts

By Ellen Shaikun on 31-Oct-16 11:27.

It’s Halloween. The day is filled with anticipation and excitement for the costumes, candy, and celebration in the night to come. Don’t let the spookiness of Halloween become night terrors while you sleep.


Fleur de lisThe Proverbial Post

By David Jaffe on 06-Jul-16 15:43.

Last week’s Wednesday Wisdom focused on a single proverb, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” In this edition of Wednesday Wisdom, let’s focus on the proverb itself, and a look at the use of proverbs throughout history, mainly pop culture.


Note: This


Fleur de lisWednesday Wisdom: Real Estate, A Bird, and You

By David Jaffe on 29-Jun-16 15:22.

The main objective of this blog, Real Life Real Estate, has been to provide you with information that is succinct and practical that will help your daily life in your home, in the buying or


Fleur de lisThe End of Goal Setting: Beyond SMART Goals (Part 1)

By David Jaffe on 25-Apr-16 11:25.

Goal setting. While it is particularly prevalent around the turn of the year (do you even remember your New Year’s Resolutions? If you do, are they the same as the year before?), goal setting is something that is thrown around all too often.


Fleur de lisHome Happenings 5: Sports... Everything you need to know about raising an athlete

By David Jaffe on 08-Apr-16 10:43.

Home Happenings 5: Sports...


Fleur de lisSpring Cleaning: A Room by Room Checklist in Your Home

By Ellen Shaikun on 17-Mar-16 09:03.

Learn why it's important to do your spring cleaning and how to accomplish it efficiently!


Fleur de lisHome Happenings 4: Unplugging in Your Home

By David Jaffe on 15-Mar-16 09:41.

Learn the dangers of being plugged in and how to unplug for a healthier and happier life in your home!


Fleur de lisHome Happenings 3: Measuring Heights on a Door in Your Home... More than Just a Growth Chart

By David Jaffe on 26-Feb-16 10:46.

It’s a door… It’s a jam…It’s a snapshot of your family’s growth and experiences in your home! Measuring heights on a door or a door jam is so much


Fleur de lisHome Happenings 2: The Most Important Aspect of Raising a Family...Pets

By David Jaffe on 03-Feb-16 09:46.

In this blog, you'll discover how taking care of pets benefits everyone in your family and is the ultimate self development tool!


Fleur de lisHome Happenings: The Flight of the Tooth Fairy

By David Jaffe on 26-Jan-16 09:58.

In this edition of "Home Happenings", you'll discover everything you need to know about the Tooth Fairy!


Fleur de lisSpringhurst Neighborhood

By Ellen on 28-Jun-13 11:14.

Springhurst Neighborhood Home Values

Do you live in the Springhurst Neighborhood? A comprehensive CMA can really help you discover your options and make good decisions in your future planning. A lot of information about your home is public.


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