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Fleur de lisHow to Find Your Perfect Real Estate Agent

By Ellen Shaikun on 24-Aug-16 17:58.

Whether you're buying or selling a home, the thought of hiring a Real Estate Agent has crossed your mind.


Fleur de lis4 Steps to an Organized Garage

By Ellen Shaikun on 04-May-16 15:09.

Let’s start with a little exercise, shall we? Stand up, walk outside, and peer into your garage.


Fleur de lisFirst Time Homebuyers: 4 Things no one tells you...

By David Jaffe on 09-Feb-16 15:21.

If you're a first time home buyer, this is the info no one talks about when buying a home!


Fleur de lisMOVING: Louisville Neighborhood Associations/HOAs

By Ellen on 11-Jul-14 14:24.

Neighborhood associations or Home owner associations (HOA) are an overlooked and often misunderstood part of moving. It's important when you are looking at placing an offer to consider the local HOA and its by-laws, requirements and dues. Some are easygoing, others are strict and you need to think about how you will fit in.


Fleur de lisSpringhurst Neighborhood

By Ellen on 28-Jun-13 15:14.

Springhurst Neighborhood Home Values

Do you live in the Springhurst Neighborhood? A comprehensive CMA can really help you discover your options and make good decisions in your future planning. A lot of information about your home is public.


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pushpinFun Fact about Louisville Kentucky

Screenwriter Stephen Gaghan initially wanted to include his hometown, Louisville, in the movie “Traffic.” However, he decided that Cincinnati’s inner city looked seedier and would serve the film better.